Our mission

Ensure access to a high quality, diverse, creative and cultural education (formal and informal) for all young people in Swale; in particular for those who are disadvantaged or historically under-represented.

Enable young people to progress through high quality creative and cultural learning experiences, following learning pathways that will help develop skills, raise aspirations, and increase employability.

Enable children and young people in Swale to become active co-creators in the development of their creative and cultural learning.

Enable young people to engage in arts and cultural learning to increase their mental wellbeing, in particular those who are not able to access traditional mental health services.

What is an LCEP?

Local Cultural Education Partnerships (LCEP) were launched by Arts Council England in October 2015 to help meet the Cultural Education Challenge.

LCEPs are innovative partnerships between cultural providers, educational institutions and local authorities that aim to join-up and improve cultural education provision for children and young people in their town, city, county or region.

Cultural Education Partnerships are flexible and are able respond to local needs and circumstances. To be effective, they should comprise as wide a range as possible of arts, cultural and heritage providers, music education hubs, schools, and higher education institutions, local authorities – and employers. They take the long view, planning for the future and seeking to make sustainable change in their communities.

Royal Opera House Bridge, as the Bridge organisation for North Kent, supports the development of LCEPs in this region.

To find out more visit: Arts Council.