FLOCK TOGETHER – The Swale Creative Schools Network community art project

FLOCK TOGETHER – The Swale Creative Schools Network community art project


Following recent discussions at the Swale Creative Schools Network meet-ups, teachers wanted a collaborative arts project that their pupils could create art with other young people across the region. Lucy Stockton-Smith, a local artist from Animate Arts, has created a printing project that can be adapted to most ages, and is inspired by nature and the local environment of Swale. Schools are invited to explore printmaking to create an A3 poster of bird migrations and murmurations, symbolically representing young people in Swale flocking together to build their creative community.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”
Helen Keller

Schools interested in taking part in this project can download the Flock Together Teacher’s Pack here. Although the printing activity is designed to use low-cost/recycled materials, there are also some art supplies available to Swale schools who might need them. Please contact jo.and.em.swalecsn@animateartscompany.com
DEADLINE for participating schools to complete their artwork poster is Wednesday 22 November (Further details are in the Teacher Pack).

School’s final artworks will be displayed in various community spaces, from galleries to theatres to shops, across Swale in January 2024. There will be an online map, pin-pointing all the artworks on display in this art trail.

If you are a cultural venue or venue in Swale that would be interested in displaying a poster through January, please contact jo.and.em.swalecsn@animateartscompany.com