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The Kent Fish and Chips project for schools

The Kent Fish & Chips Project is part of a bigger work by illustrator Olivier Kugler & writer Andrew Humphreys exploring the history and present-day reality of fish & chip shops in Kent.

Migration and displacement are central themes of the work. Fish & chips can be traced back to Huguenot and Jewish food cultures in this country and people from all over the world continue to be central to the farming and fishing industries and the high street shops.

Olivier and Andrew’s interviews and illustrations focus on staff and customers at four fish and chip shops in different parts of Kent. Their focus is on ordinary people and the fascinating true stories behind something we all take for granted.

The artwork they have produced is currently being shown in an exhibition outside Turner Contemporary (June-September 2021).

St George’s and Rose Street Primary Schools on the Island have both taken part in a pilot outreach project for schools this term and now the Kent Fish and Chips schools project is available to settings across the County.  If you would like to find out how to get involved, please contact

The project is produced by Counterpoints Arts in partnership with Turner Contemporary and Canterbury Cathedral.

Images: Top, Robin Class, Year 1 Rose Street Primary
Bottom, Year 3, St George’s Primary